The Forum Games board is a message board on New CH specializing in Mafia, God-Moding, Bases, and other such popular forum-based games. It was created to keep Mafia topics off of the Hanging Around board, but has been largely unsuccessfull in that regard. It has, however, been the home of a few mafia games, is the current home of God-Moding, and is the residence of the infamous Bases that sparked the Exodus to New CH, notably Red Base and Ostia Base.

Stickies Edit

Mafia Host Waiting List

Author: Encube

Purpose: To provide a organized method to decide who hosts the next mafia game, and has, for the most part, been successfull. Based off of a topic from The Ruins by Random_Mab of the same name, the lit has since expanded to include many of the users currently involved in mafia.

Mafia Created Roles Directory

Author: Silverflash-x

Purpose: To provide an extra compository of roles, other than those found at the official Mafiascum website, for Mafia hosts to use. Entries are submitted by a number of users, discussed, modified and balanced, and added to the list. This gives hosts much more flexibility and creativity to use and create Mafia roles.

List of Forum Games Edit