The General Fighting Games board can be found under "Gaming Discussion". It's a dead board that no one really gives a shit about, except maybe Winty.

Brawl > You.


The General Fighting Games board was created on May 2nd, 2009 by Minjo Master when he realized that Brawl is casual trash and not worthy of it's own board. Kratos, being the faggot he is, originally objected to this change. Since no one else shared his concerns, he was completely ignored and the change was implemented. All the topics from the Brawl Board were moved to the new board, but there weren't very many as the Brawl Board was as dead as Billy Mays. This change of topically completely failed to give the board any significant amount of activity, leaving the new board only slightly less dead than the old one.

GG X2 #reload Edit

The board experienced a slight burst of activity when Guilty Gear X2 #Reload was introduced to the population of Cliff Hanger, mainly distributed by Escobar, who is black and poor, making him the ideal person to pirate it for the rest of the board. Some posters, mainly Alex, Midboss, Escobar, and Candlejack, had already played the game. User Tier lists popped up, Mew was generally recognized as being a laggy button masher, Kratos played a very lame and boring style which made no one wat to play him again ever, and other activity that lasted about a week before the board fell into inactivity once again. Spudman arrived late to the party, and instead talked about the game on Hanging Around.

Blazblue: Calamity Trigger Edit

Midboss was the first to bring up the game, posting a youtube video of some tournament thing. No one actually understood what was going on, until he said "it's like guilty gear." The topic got very few replies after that and the board once again fell dead, until the game was released for consoles. This caused a bit of activity, mainly from Winterlord, who made several topics that got very few replies total. Winterlord, Jayme, Escobar, DJNawo, Soopa Koopa, Kennedy, and Candlejack made up the main group of people playing the game, all of them with the Xbox360 version. NeonCrusader got stuck with the PS3 version as was very lonely. Midboss will never play with him, because Midboss is too busy bawwing about the pressure being put on him by the rest of the people who play the game. Useless faggot.