The Sandvich. It's a mythical item, causing great joy when eated and healing the person for 120 'Health Points'. This item is important to Cliff Hanger, because one of the members, Demiqian, is often spotted with this item.

Origin: Edit

The Sandvich is originally an item in the First-Person Shooter 'Team Fortress 2'. Being the best game evah, many people on Cliff Hanger play it. The Sandvich was added into the game as part of TEH HEAVY UPDAET, giving the Heavy unlockables which previously weren't accessable. The Sandvich immediatly stood out, it gave the Minigun-wearing Heavy a way to heal itself without the need of a Medic. Only problem was, eating the Sandvich took around four seconds and the Heavy would make an outstanding NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM sound, immediatly causing the enemies (Either RED or BLU) to know it's whereabouts.

Valve about the Sandvich Edit

The Sandvich is the Heavy’s first unlockable. It tastes a
Heavy & Sandvich

The Heavy and his Sandvich

s good as it looks and heals 120 health. Like in real life, the decision to eat a Sandvich must not be taken lightly; The Heavy is completely vulnerable during the four second eating process, and his loud, happy sounds of vigorous chewing will draw enemies like tiny ant cowards to a picnic. OF DEATH. On the bright side, the Heavy’s Sandvich supply is unlimited, so his only real concern is being caught short while enjoying this delicious edible device. The Sandvich is a great tool for a Heavy defending an area, as it gives him the ability to replenish health between enemy waves without having to abandon his post. Similarly, an offensive Heavy without a Medic can step back from the front line and grab a quick snack before resuming his rampage. Beware, however: the Heavy must set aside his shotgun to take the Sandvich, and enemy Snipers are much more dangerous for a Heavy wielding only a minigun.

The Sandvich and Cliff Hanger Edit

Everyone on Cliff Hanger loves The Sandvich.

Trivia Edit

-During the first game of God-Moding, Demi and Dark got shot at. Dark then proceeded to take three joints and smoked all of them at once. At the same time, Demi took a Sandvich and at it. This might suggest that The Sandvich is actually a softdrug.

Updaet for meh pl0x :awesome: