The Base Incident is an encounter that the users of Cliff Hanger had with the GameFAQs Moderators. This event is commonly cited as being the reason that the vast majority of users left Old Cliff Hanger and migrated to New Cliff Hanger, a.k.a The Promised Land.


  It began when the CHer Maple made two topics, Red Base and Blue Base, and challenged the users of CH to see which topic would get to 500 posts, the maximum allowed on GameFAQs, the fastest. Sides were instantly taken and the race was on. 

  Soon, other bases began popping up until there were a significant number of bases racing to get to 500 first. However, the situation began to get spr srs when one of the original bases, Blue Base, was deleted by the GameFAQs Mods for Disruptive Posting, while Red Base remained standing. The followers of Blue Base began complaining that the Mods were fans of Red Base and that the contest of unfair.
  Before too long, every base was getting deleted, as well as all of the topics of people asking about what had just happened. The situation went from funny to frustrating. A topic made a day before the incident even occured talking about baseball was then moderated. The moderators, however, continued moderating every post and topic that contained the word "base" for Fad Posting.

  The Cliff Hangers insisted that the Base fad was not Disruptive and expressed their desire that the moderators would not let them have their fun. However, if the title could somehow relate to the word base, whether through pronunciation or pop culture, the topic would be deleted and the poster would be lucky to escape the moderation unscathed.

  The users of Cliff Hanger rallied and began making dozens of topics containing the word "base" to see how far the mods would go. They were all modded with increasingly harsh penalties, even when the usage was harmless. Eventually topics about Megaman and Bass began to get modded, as did one mentioning the the user lived near a couple "bays." This continued until many users were warned, suspended, or even banned.

Aftermath - ExodusEdit

Disgusted with the moderators, Minjo Master created a board called Cliff Hanger on the forum website "Invision." Referring to it as "The Promised Land," he offered to email the link to any Cliff Hanger who wished to have it. Despite meeting with some initial resistance, his idea was, for the most part, accepted, and an "Exodus" took place. Old CH's activity quickly plummeted and has never picked up since.