Origins Edit

The Ike Alliance (IA) is a group that was originally started by FEKH2. It was not originally intended to grow as it did, mainly being a topic created from boredom on the Brawl Boards on GFAQs. However, it caught on, and FEKH2 agreed to be a co-founder along with Spudman, KA75, and Yoshindo.

Moving to Cliff Hanger Edit

The Ike Alliance was thriving on the Brawl Boards, which the moderators of GFAQs despised. They soon began moderating the topics, under the pretense of them being "fads." There was a little-known board on the PC claimed for the IA, but it was a failure. After approximately 8 iterations of IA topics, most of them being modded, Spudman was invited to Cliff Hanger. He spread the word through the IA that it was moving, and the deed was done.